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What our authors say about us

“I want to compliment you and the entire staff on your professionalism and attention to detail. All of you are quite amazing!”

Julie Mehan, author of Insider Threat and CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime.

“IT Governance is a very professional publisher. Working with them is easy and straightforward. Once a timetable has been agreed, they are quick to get to market. What is more, their staff are friendly and approachable; they are a pleasure to do business with."

Sarah Cook, author of Building a High Performance Team and other titles in the ITGP Soft Skills series.

“ITGP’s guidance made the book writing process easy. Their support helped us get our book to market quickly with a product of which we are proud.”

Rob Zanella, co-author of Cloud Security and Governance: Who’s on your Cloud?

“When I released my first book, I knew very little about the publishing process. Thankfully, the team at IT Governance was there to support and guide me through every step. I have just completed my fifth book with IT Governance, and am currently working with their staff on a proposal for a sixth. Working with the team at IT Governance continues to be an extremely positive experience.”

Jamie Lynn Cooke, author of Agile Principles Unleashed:Proven approaches for achieving real productivity gains in any organisation.

“ITGP is one of the most dedicated, motivated, hard-working publishing companies I've ever worked with. In addition, the people at ITGP are fun to work with! And responsive – when I send an e-mail message, I not only get a response, I get it quickly. It's a treat being an ITGP author!”

Naomi Karten, author of Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals: Achieving Excellence and Changing How you Manage and Communicate Change: Focusing on the human side of change.

“IT Governance provide practical and real-world solutions to enable you to meet many of the governance challenges you may face in your organisation. Their range of publications and panel of experts are a great resource to have.”

Brian Honan, author of ISO27001 in a Windows® Environment.

“I found working with ITGP to be a very good experience. They communicated well and often, were very helpful to a new author, and enlisted some excellent outside reviewers of the book. All in all, the whole author experience and workingwith the ITGP team was very positive.”

Sumner Blount, co-author of Cloud Security and Governance: Who’s on your Cloud?

What our resellers say about us

"We are delighted to include IT Governance Publishing’s high-quality titles on JSTOR, and they are highly used by faculty, students, and independent researchers around the world."

Frank Smith, JSTOR

What our clients say about us

"We value the collaboration with IT Governance to support our marketing campaign for GDPR with great insights into this serious topic and meaningful content also in different languages.”

Iris Träger-Toff, Pitney Bowes Deutschland GmbH

“Delighted with our co-branded GDPR book using IT Governance Publishing…very accommodating to what we required and swiftly executed.”

Nick Dixon, Blueberrywave