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Audiobook FAQs

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a recording of a book being read. ITGP’s audiobooks are all read by professional narrators.

In what formats are ITGP’s audiobooks available?

Our audiobooks are provided in MP3 format, which compresses the data into a very small file size while preserving the sound quality.

How are diagrams in the books treated in the audiobooks?

We have carefully reviewed the books and, where relevant, worked with our subject-matter experts to add diagram descriptions. If you have purchased one of our audiobooks and would like a copy of the diagrams to refer to as you listen, please contact

How do I download my audiobook?

Once you have purchased your audiobook, you will receive an email containing a link to download it. Follow the link to download a zip file that includes your audiobook, divided into individual chapters for ease of use.

Your next steps depend on the device you would like to use to listen to your audiobook.


  • Save the zip file to your desktop by clicking the link in your email. Click ‘Save As’ and select ‘Desktop’.
  • Once the file has transferred to your desktop, right-click the zip file and select ‘Extract All’.
  • Choose where you want to extract the files to.
  • Tick the box that says ‘Show Extracted Files’.
  • Click ‘Extract’.
  • Now you are ready to open the files and listen to them using the media player on your computer.


Follow the steps above to download the files to your computer, then import them into iTunes as follows:

  • Open iTunes.
  • Go to File > Add to Library.
  • Open the folder where you have saved the downloaded files and highlight the files you would like to import.
  • Click ‘Open’ to import the files.
  • Sync your device with iTunes to upload the files.

Android device

  • If your device is set for media transfer, follow the steps above to download the files to your computer, then import them into your media player as follows:
    • Open the folder where you have saved the downloaded files on your computer.
    • Plug your device into your computer.
    • Your device will appear as a removable device in the Windows Explorer window.
    • Drag the audiobook files to your device and save them in the same place as your music or other audiobook files.
    • Safely disconnect your device.

  • If your device is not set for media transfer, we recommend you use Google Drive. Follow the steps above to download the files to your computer, then import them into your media player as follows:
    • Use your browser to open your Google Drive.
    • Click ‘New’.
    • Select ‘Folder upload’.
    • Select the folder where you have saved the downloaded files on your computer.
    • Click ‘Upload’.
    • Log in to Google Drive via the app on your phone, navigate to the file and play.

How do I listen to an ITGP audiobook?

Use the steps above to download and save your audiobook to your preferred device. Your audiobook will be provided as a separate file for each chapter. You can listen to them through the media player on your device.

Is it possible to request a review copy of an ITGP audiobook?

If you are interested in writing a review of an ITGP audiobook for a relevant publication or blog, please contact with details of the title you are interested in and the publication to which you are planning to submit your article.

How large are the audiobook files?

Our audiobook files vary in size from around 40MB for a short pocket guide, to just under 340MB for longer, more in-depth books.

Does my audiobook come with an e-book version?

ITGP publishes books in several formats, including print, e-book and audiobook. Each format is sold separately.

If you would like both the audiobook and e-book versions of one of our titles, please order them separately via our website.

Will listening to an audiobook use up my data allowance?

No – once the audiobook is downloaded to your device, you won’t need to use any data to listen to it.

Can I bookmark my place in the audiobook?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bookmark your place.

To make it easy for you to keep track and quickly find the place in the book where you want to start, we provide our audiobooks as separate chapter files.

Many media players also allow you to pause your file and then start playing at the same point in the recording, as long as you haven’t listened to anything else in the meantime.

How soon after purchase will I receive my audiobook?

When you buy an audiobook from our website, you will automatically receive an email with a download link. This should arrive within a few minutes of placing your order. If you don’t receive it, please check your junk mail folder.

If you haven’t received the email within 30 minutes, contact

Can I return my audiobook and receive a refund?

We are unable to offer refunds on any digital products. Please check that your chosen format is suitable for your computer or device before completing your purchase.

More information on our terms and conditions can be found here. If you have any concerns, please contact us at

To help us resolve your issue quickly, please include the following information in your email:

  • Your order number (this can be found in the title of the confirmation email).
  • The email address you used to receive the audiobook (if different).

If possible, quote the exact error message you receive and/or attach screenshots to your email. This will help us resolve the issue more quickly for you.