What are the benefits of having a Monitoring Policy?

Welcome to the Toolkit Insider Series, where you will get access to samples of IT Governance Publishing’s world-leading documents, as well as information on how the templates work, who is responsible for the document and why you would benefit from having certain policies or procedures in place.
In the first month of the Toolkit Insider Series, we will be taking a closer look at the Cyber Essentials Toolkit. The first instalment covers monitoring policies.

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The Cyber Essentials Toolkit

Built on expert knowledge gained from numerous cyber security implementation projects, this toolkit includes work procedures and processes for ensuring that the controls you are implementing, according to the requirements of the scheme, are effective in delivering what they intend to do.

Monitoring Policy

Who is responsible for this document?

Asset owners and the head of IT are responsible for this policy. They will need to agree on the logging and monitoring capabilities of the systems they own and for them to meet the monitoring requirements.
They will need to make sure their organisation’s workstations, computers, servers, network devices, mobile phones, PDAs, etc. are subject to this policy.
The manager or executive will need to approve this document.

The benefits of a monitoring policy

Good monitoring is key to responding to attacks across the organisation. Additionally, a monitoring policy will allow you to ensure that systems are being used correctly throughout your organisation in accordance with your policies and procedures.
In short, by monitoring your systems you will be able to:
• Detect attacks;
• Account for activity; and
• Respond to attacks;

Inside our Monitoring Policy

Here is a sample of the Monitoring Policy that can be found in our Cyber Essentials Toolkit.

The Monitoring Policy template from our Cyber Essentials Toolkit.

Next week

In the second instalment of this month’s Insider Toolkit Series, we will be looking at the access control policies template.

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