New podcast: When does a gift become a bribe?

Anti-bribery expert Alan Field is our December author of the month. Look out for exclusive interviews with Alan as well as guest blogs and discounts on his products.

In this week’s podcast, Alan explains the differences between a gift and a bribe, and discusses what policies an organisation should have in place for giving and receiving gifts from clients.

Listen here.

Accepting and receiving gifts – key facts

When implementing an ABMS (anti-bribery management system), gifts are always a hot topic. However, before you start drafting policies, there are some things you need to know:

1. Accepting and receiving bribes is unethical and illegal.
2. Gifts or hospitality that are properly recorded and authorised are fine so long as the costs incurred are proportionate and reasonable.
3. Senior staff shouldn’t see gifts and hospitality budgets as a perk of their package.
4. Even if a customer is blue chip, this doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk. They might still – unwittingly – be employing a corrupt individual.

Getting to know Alan Field

Alan is a Chartered Quality Professional with expertise in auditing and assessing ABMSs to ISO 37001 and public-sector counter-fraud systems to ISO 9001. He has a wealth of experience in quality and integrated management systems in the legal, financial, property and project management sectors in auditing, assessment and gap analysis roles.

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ISO 37001 – An Introduction to Anti-Bribery Management Systems
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