New Podcast: What your children need to know about the Internet.

In the final episode of our Security in the Digital World podcast series, Tom Wood, Selina Daley and Sarah Brown discuss the key messages parents need to get across to their children about the dangers of the Internet.

As children are now growing up surrounded by technology, they need to understand the importance of managing their online security.

In his book, Security in the Digital World, Graham Day sets out the top ten messages children should take home about the Internet, and we discuss a handful of these in our latest podcast.

Top ten messages

  1. Once it is on the Internet, it stays on the Internet.
  2. You say it, you own it.
  3. What you say now will impact your future.
  4. Anyone can post on the Internet, so it should be checked before being believed.
  5. Anyone can be who they want on the Internet, so be cautious of profiles.
  6. Talk about it, don’t hide it.
  7. Think twice, click once.
  8. Read your post before you post. What does it say about you?
  9. Check profiles of friends, check elsewhere and then check again.
  10. Search yourself occasionally – it is amazing what you might discover.

Security in the Digital World

This must-have guide gives up-to-date information on consumer risks and provides:

  • Ten tips to keep your digital information secure;
  • Understanding and awareness of information security and cyber threats;
  • Explanations of what social engineering is and techniques used by cyber criminals;
  • Advice on what to look out for online and your rights as a consumer; and
  • Guidance on common threats in the digital age, including malware, social engineering and ransomware.

Security in the Digital World is currently nominated for Best Security Awareness Campaign in the 2018 Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards.

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Disclaimer: These are the views of Tom Wood, Selina Daley and Sarah Brown, not of ITGP.