New podcast: Does your organisation have a business continuity plan for these threats?

IT Governance Publishing is dedicating November to business continuity and our author of the month, Robert Clark. Look out for podcasts, guest blogs and product discounts on everything business continuity this month. 

Most organisations have very detailed business continuity plans for the ‘big ticket’ threats that could affect them. But sometimes, it’s the finer details that are normally neglected that can be just as costly.

In this podcast, we’re reading a passage from In Hindsight – A compendium of Business Continuity case studies. The extract highlights the smaller threats that could still have a big impact on your business continuity effectiveness.

The podcast discusses:
• Staff welfare
• Flooding
• Information security
• Employee fraud

Listen here:

What else could threaten my organisation? 

Unfortunately, our podcast couldn’t cover all the items discussed in chapter 18 of the book:
• Succession planning
• Fire
• Keeping your contact details up to date
• Trauma management
• Cyber threats
• Inaccurate media reports
• Malicious damage

In Hindsight – A compendium of Business Continuity case studies

In this book, the authors analyse the causes of some of the major disasters from the past 30 years and explain what could have been done better, both before and after the event. Using these incidents as case studies, the authors demonstrate the potentially devastating results for organisations that have not planned for the worst, helping you to avoid similar mistakes, reduce risks and enable faster recovery when things do go wrong.

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Robert’s ITGP books are:
Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat
Validating Your Business Continuity Plan
In Hindsight – A compendium of Business Continuity case studies