ITGP author of the month: Graham Day

Our author of the month series brings you exclusive features, interviews and blog posts from our authors, along with discounts on their ITGP publications.Graham Day spent 24 years in the military, including more than a decade as a counter-intelligence and security specialist on operational deployments around the world. Since retiring from the military, Graham has provided a range of consultancy services for, among other things, information security, cyber security, business continuity, cyber risk and cyber resilience.

He is a CESG-certified professional security information risk advisor, certified information systems security professional and member of the author group for BS 31111 Cyber risk and resilience.
Alongside consultancy, Graham recently entered the world of publishing, releasing his first book with ITGP, Security in the Digital World, in November 2017.


Security in the Digital World

“Love the fact that it jumped in with 10 top tips for security, a great opening to the book… Excellent section on phishing emails/vishing/smishing, with great practical examples…”
Christopher Wright, Wright-CandA Consulting Ltd

Cyberspace, the Internet, computer networks and the digital world are always evolving. Meaning that the threats and risks of being online are ever-changing, too.
Security in the Digital World explains the common digital threats to home users, home offices, mobile users, consumers and parents alike, as well as providing tips, advice and guidance. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the most mature enterprise environment, unemployed, retired or still at school, whether you often have a smartphone in your hand or only use an e-reader – you are at risk.
This must-have guide gives up-to-date information on consumer risks and provides:
• Tips for keeping your digital information secure;
• Understanding and awareness of information security and cyber threats;
• Explanations of what social engineering is and techniques used by cyber criminals;
• Advice on what to look out for online and your rights as a consumer; and
• Guidance on common threats in the digital age, including malware, social engineering and ransomware.

From the top ten tips and the breakdown of consumer risks, to social networking and parental security, this book is an essential guide for anyone and everyone trying to stay safe and secure in the evolving digital world.
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