ITGP author Alan Field on writing risk management guides

Alan Field is one of IT Governance Publishing’s authors, having published four pocket guides and toolkits with us.

In this blog, Alan talks about what motivates him to write about risk management.

“For me, continual improvement and good risk management go hand in hand” Alan said.

“My work for IT Governance Publishing tends to be about how this can be better achieved not just by managing risk but looking at opportunity cost – good risk control can lead to opportunities and isn’t only about compliance.”

“With management systems, “Alan continues, “there are a lot of ‘how to do’ or ‘how to implement’ books. However, there aren’t many succinct books that a senior manager could read in one go and inform their decision on whether to control certain risks or not.”

In 2017, Alan published ISO 37001 – An Introduction to Anti-Bribery Management Systems.

He has also written a guide on integrated management systems, Implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) – The strategic approach and his latest pocket guide is about energy management systems, ISO 50001 – A strategic guide to establishing an energy management system. These all reflect different types of risks and opportunities but from a strategic perspective.

“Whether it is bribery or controlling energy costs,” Alan says, “actual decisions about manging risk, or prioritising an organisation’s response about them, needs to be decided before any discussion of how to implement the necessary measures. This is what I hope my pocket guides have achieved.”

Alan has also played a key role in developing two of IT Governance Publishing’s toolkits which are designed to assist organisations in the implementation phase of anti-bribery management systems.

Alan Field is a lead auditor and assessor for ISO 37001 (ISO’s anti-bribery management standard), and a regular author for IT Governance Publishing, having written numerous articles on risk management and the strategic processes that govern their effective use.