IT Governance Publishing Pledges to Take Climate Change Action

IT Governance Publishing is proud to announce that it has signed up to Publishers Declare, an initiative designed to tackle climate change.

The scheme was created by the Publishers Association, and invites publishers to reduce their carbon emissions by committing to a series of sustainability targets.

IT Governance Publishing has long supported efforts to address climate change. We offer a range of products and services that help organisations manage environmental sustainability.

For example, our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Toolkit contains template policies that help organisations commit to eco-friendly and ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

We also offer books and other resources related to ISO 14001, the international standard that describes best practices for creating and managing an EMS (environmental management system).

Naeem Sadiq and Asif Hayat Khan’s ISO 14001 Step by Step – A Practical Guide provides an essential overview of the Standard and contains everything you need to implement its requirements.

By joining Publishers Declare, we have taken the next step in our commitment to preserving the planet.

What is Publishers Declare?

Publishers Declare was launched in September 2021 by the Publishers Association Sustainability Taskforce.

The group has highlighted the role that UK-based publishers have in the climate crisis, and is urging organisations to consider the ways they can operate more responsibly.

“As readers, storytellers, creators, and educators, we have a unique role to play in the climate crisis,” the group says.

“We have a responsibility to use our collective voice to inspire positive change, as we reduce our impact and transform our ways of working. We invite everyone in the UK book and journal industry – from printers and publishers to booksellers and authors – to join us in this effort.”

Organisations that sign the pledge agree to a series of targets and actions. They must, for example, achieve net zero carbon emissions as soon as possible (and by 2050 at the latest).

They must also work with resource-efficient supply chain partners, and use sustainable materials and processes where possible.

Signatories also agree to collaborate to achieve their climate targets, and to raise awareness of the threat of climate change and the positive action that individuals and organisations can take.

Siena Parker, social impact director at Penguin Random House UK, has been part of the team that shaped the pledge. “Underlying this is the idea of it being a space for collaboration rather than competition; that we need to pool resources and information as an industry, rather than doing our own separate thing in silos,” she said.

“It’s early days, but we hope the pledge will pave the way for more collaboration. Certainly, there is a willingness, it’s just that maybe the structures aren’t necessarily there at the moment.”

What next?

The Publishers Association intends to publish an annual report that surveys signatories on their progress. The organisation says it hopes that the report will help organisations understand the challenges of climate change action and the ways that people are addressing them.

Meanwhile, it’s continuing to encourage organisations to support the pledge. Susan Pinkney, the organisation’s head of research, said: “The pledge is about raising awareness. The fact that we have tried to simplify it down with these five key statements will enable people to go off and do something.”

You can join the pledge today by visiting the Publishers Declare website.