Define your classification of changes correctly with a Change Management Policy

For September’s Toolkit Insider Series, ITGP will be looking at templates from the ITSM, ITIL® & ISO/IEC 20000 Implementation Toolkit. This week, we will take you through the Change Management Policy.

Organisations cannot afford to wait years for large changes. Every week, new projects and initiatives are launched to move one step ahead of competitors and increase profits.
This makes it more important for you to have a Change Management Policy in place. This policy allows you to continually improve your technology with minimal disruption to your services.

The Change Management Policy

Each change will have a varied level of risk; this policy will help you define the classification of your changes. It will highlight which changes should be classified as higher risk and therefore require extra protection.

It will also describe the CIs (configuration items) that are under control of your change management process and the authorities for controlling changes to the CIs.

The benefits of the Change Management Policy

Having a policy for change management allows your organisation to have a set way of implementing change. Other benefits include:

• Being able to improve technology and services without interrupting your customer experience when making changes;
• Increasing awareness and understanding of proposed changes within your organisation;
• Enabling you to plan effectively and implement changes quickly;
• Increasing the chance of project success; and
• Allowing for changes to be prioritised accordingly.

Inside our Change Management Policy

Here’s a sample of this policy that highlights how changes should be classified:

Click on the image to view the Change Management Policy sample


Next week

Next week, we’ll look at the Problem Management Procedure.

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