Build a Security Culture: final episode

In this podcast IT Governance Publishing read the final extract from the introduction of Kai Roer’s highly endorsed book.

Build a Security Culture

 “With this book, Kai Roer has taken his many years of cyber experience and provided those with a vested interest in cyber security a firm basis on which to build an effective cyber security training programme.”

Dr. Jane LeClair Chief Operating Officer National Cybersecurity Institute, Washington, D.C.

Human nature – easy prey for hackers?

Human behaviour is complex and inconsistent, making it a rich hunting ground for would-be hackers and a significant risk to the security of your organisation. An effective way to address the risk of these attacks is to create a culture of security. Using psychology of group behaviour and explaining how and why people follow social and cultural norms, the author highlights the underlying cause for many successful and easily preventable attacks.

In this book, Kai Roer presents his Security Culture Framework, and addresses the human and cultural factors in organisational security. The author uses clear, everyday examples and analogies to reveal social and cultural triggers that drive human behaviour. He explains how to manage these threats by implementing an effective framework for an organisational culture, ensuring that your organisation is set up to repel malicious intrusions and threats based on common human vulnerabilities.

Create a culture that promotes cyber security within your workplace.

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