Author of the month: Robert Clark

Robert Clark has had a busy month, with organisations across the globe seeking his expertise regarding his timely guide Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat.

He’s appeared in the news to talk about the book, and last week hosted a webinar for our sister company IT Governance on the pandemic threat. Meanwhile, he is continuing to provide insights on the ongoing crisis on our blog.

So let’s take a few moments to explain who Robert Clark is, why his guide is so helpful in these uncertain times and how you can stay up to date with his advice.

Who is Robert Clark?

Robert Clark has more than 40 years’ experience in business continuity management in a career that has spanned 12 countries.

He’s worked with the likes of IBM and Fujitsu, and has been awarded professional fellowships by the Institute of Business Continuity Management and the British Computer Society.

Since 2014, he’s been a part-time lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, teaching business continuity to both undergraduates and postgraduates. He is also a freelance consultant at BCM Consultancy.

Robert Clark spoke at the Budapest University Business School in November 2018.

His first book with ITGP, In Hindsight – A compendium of Business Continuity case studies, was published in 2014 and reached one of Amazon’s bestsellers lists.

He followed this with Validating Your Business Continuity Plan, which examines the way organisations can test the effectiveness of their plan and make changes where necessary.

This third book, Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat, provides an in-depth analysis of what will happen to organisations when dealing with exactly the kind of problem they currently face.

Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat

Experts have been warning people about the likelihood of a global pandemic for years, but it’s only now that we’re in the middle of one that we’re taking notice.

Organisations that understand the ways the pandemic will affect their business and adopt plans to combat those problems are far more likely to cope through the ongoing disruption.

Remember that even though we’re seemingly through the worst of the pandemic – the curve has been flattened, most employees are working from home and the UK government is facing questions about when the lockdown will be eased – there is still a long way to go.

Even if elements of the lockdown are relaxed, disruption will continue, and organisations need to identify the challenges they face.

Robert Clark’s book breaks down everything organisations need to know into two essential lessons.

Part one provides a detailed overview of the challenges that pandemic threats can present.

It uses historical examples to illustrate how pandemics can have devastating effects not only on the global population but also on critical infrastructure, the global economy and society.

Part two considers the actions that can be taken at global, national, corporate and individual levels to mitigate the risk and limit the damage of pandemic incidents.

It provides guidance on creating and validating a pandemic plan and explains how it integrates with a business continuity plan. Comprehensive case studies are provided throughout.

What’s next?

Robert Clark is continuing to advise organisations as the pandemic threat evolves. You can find his thoughts on COVID-19 on our blog, where he discusses the possibility that this is simply the first wave of infections, and compares the trajectory of coronavirus to past infectious diseases.

He also recently gave a presentation for IT Governance on the steps organisations can take to tackle the threat of coronavirus.

Business continuity and the COVID-19 pandemic, which is now available to download, provides:

  • An overview of pandemic behaviour patterns;
  • Comparisons between COVID-19 and seasonal influenza;
  • Information about actions that can be taken at global, national, corporate and individual levels;
  • Considerations for your pandemic plan, such as working from home, supply chain management, crisis management roles and communications;
  • Guidance on protecting employees’ health and safety, including corporate cleanliness and healthy habits; and
  • Information about validating your pandemic plan.

Speaking to us on success of Business continuity and the Pandemic Threat, Clark said: “Although my first book In Hindsight got to Number One in the Amazon best sellers lists shortly after publication, I never really considered that I had had a best seller on my hands.

“Well that was before the world discovered my book Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat.

“Since Covid-19 grabbed the attention of the global media, demands on my time from around the world have rocketed with requests coming from as far away as India, Middle East and the USA plus various locations in between.

“I am incredibly grateful to IT Governance Publishing for having confidence in my book and for also choosing me as their author of the month for May 2020.”

He is currently writing a book that has the working title: ICT Disaster Recovery – Entering the 5th Age of Computing.