Author of the month podcast #2: Collaborative Business Design

This book extract is taken from Collaborative Business Design: The Fundamentals, written by our author of the month, Brian Johnson and his co-author Léon-Paul de Rouw.

Collaborative Business Design book covers

Episode 1 – An introduction to IT-driven business services: “The primary focus of this guide is the needs of the business; what information must be collected, how IT is processed, what is automated, can be automated, can never be automated, what is the result we want, how will this new service be paid for and what (if any) income is required from it.”

This book will:

  • Promote a coherent design so that fundamental issues and requirements of needs are mapped, based on different perspectives between demand and supply;
  • Give insight into the dynamics between stakeholders within an enterprise;
  • Consider and formulate a practical and realistic roadmap; and
  • Guide the development, build, programme management and maintenance of IT-driven business services.

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